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5,500 children die in Africa every day!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 14443159
United States
12/14/2012 06:19 PM
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Re: 5,500 children die in Africa every day!
exactly... clappa

But I must add this following question...

why dont they just stop fucking each other to produce kids if they know they cant feed the kids
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12514779

It's a fuckin african tradition. and it should really stay in da fuckin africa

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 14443159

Why don't all African Americans go and help their brothers and sisters in Africa
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27202787

lack of libtard white women there?

User ID: 29823561
12/14/2012 06:20 PM
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Re: 5,500 children die in Africa every day!

Were do ya get ya crap from, paddy? We're busy selling weapons to these people, making slaves out of their kids who are working themselves to death for our next chocolate bar. Helping them? When we give them 1 pound we expect a hundred pounds back. It's a simple equation.
 Quoting: Libra II 1001450

The only one talking crap here is you. My country sells no weapons to them nor do I nor anyone I know make slaves of them so I don't know where you got that from.
 Quoting: TheSeventhGate

I don't mind people being ignorant, paddy, but when they pretend to be well educated....
 Quoting: Libra II 1001450

Just remembered something, paddy. Ever heard of the great famine in Ireland? Well it just so happens that I'm an Englishman living in Denmark who is now thinking: "Fuckin good for the bastards."
 Quoting: Libra II 1001450

Of course Ive heard of it Willie you imbecile. And who cares what a cockroach like you thinks you English swine.
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