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Message Subject Violent Video Games Are Driving Teens Crazy
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I should explain...I am a special education teacher and worked in learning skills. My students had behaviorial and learning issues and many on medications such as ritalin to help them focus. The brain is very programmable at that age and video games can be a retreat from reality. No one really knows the long term impacts of the medications yet. I'm just suggesting that the video games not be so violent. I just think it's wallowing in Gore. Who writes these games? What if all that creativity and energy went into something productive like solving problems? The military recruites from advertisements on these game sites so they know that players are drawn to the battlefield and like violence. What if the goal wasn't to destroy but create? I realize I 'm on a conspiracy site and my ideas will be shot down. I would like to think humanity is evolved from this stage into something else. The kids are literally saturated with violent media and we are seeing the first generation of addicted realistic battle video game players enter their adulthood having marinated in that $#@& from day one. Next mass murderer will be on psychiatric drugs with an IEP hooked on video games in mom's basement. We know the drill. I'm just looking for a pattern.
 Quoting: ruser

Thats right.

Speak the truth and everyone who LOVES KILLING..either in virtual reality or in real lifes..GONNA HATE ya.

They WANT their doom...they NEED to kill and KILL and KILL AGAIN.

Given the chance...all those who SAY they would not actually DO it..well..when they see society going nuts..and they have a gun..SUDDENLY..every trick they learnt in those games will come flooding back..and the SAME cold unfeeling way they pulled of headshots in the game will be played out in real life..except...there are NO respawn points in real life..and no powerups..medkits..or upgrades.
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