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Message Subject I was listening to Eben (the neurosurgeon with the NDE) last night and one thing stuck out to me...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Eben is the neurosurgeon that died and had an experience, that i believe to be authentic and very detailed and very very interesting.

the one thing the neurosurgeon came away with that i found compelling was that prior to his experience he believed that all NDEs boiled down to some brain experience. He believed that consciousness could not happen without a functioning brain.

Now, after his experience, he believes that we are conscious IN SPITE of our brain, and that the brain is a filter that, as we continue to grow older, filters more and more of our true nature away, and keeps us blind and stuck in this reality, disconnected from everyone and every thing.


the brain is the filter that disconnects us from the God experience.

consciousness is our spirit, which is eternal and pure and divine.

our brain is simple a carnal/fleshly human organ which is more of a hindrance than a help.

***side note: it was clear that oprah had a rough time listening to eben's experience. she remained professional but you could see her and her cult-ass witchy self struggling with the details of his God experience.***

if anyone can find a video of the entire interview, plz let me know.
 Quoting: Salt

Have you read either of John Lerma's books? He's a palliative care specialist that works with hospice patients. Many of his accounts seem too fantastic to be true, but very interesting nonetheless.
 Quoting: Hawkesbay

i have not but will give them a glance
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