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Message Subject I was listening to Eben (the neurosurgeon with the NDE) last night and one thing stuck out to me...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Is this the Neurosurgeon who wrote a book and has been making rounds giving interviews?

- Feels the word 'God' is so limiting and does not like to use it. Says 'God' or the unconditional, loving divine light/force he experienced is so much more than a single word could ever do justice and feels there are many misconceptions attached to this word.


nice! and agreed.

 Quoting: Salt

Any human concept of God immediately puts God in a box. I'm not sure how we get around that, except to acknowledge it and realize we are using shorthand notation.

For that matter the words in Scripture, being physical, cannot possibly capture the totality of spiritual meaning behind them.
 Quoting: Life and Love

right. i don't think we can really wrap our heads around the omnipresent omnipotent loving Creator. i think Eban's description (and he doesn't know scripture) amply describes what we have been having trouble understanding.
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