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Message Subject I was listening to Eben (the neurosurgeon with the NDE) last night and one thing stuck out to me...
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Is this the Neurosurgeon who wrote a book and has been making rounds giving interviews?

I listened to him on Coast 2 Coast and also a follow up interview he did with Linda Moulton Howe. Some points he made:

- He does not believe that any such 'hell' exists based on his experience. He says the unconditional love he experienced from the 'light' led him to believe that no such force could be responsible for creating any such place known as 'hell'. Says he passed through a dark, murky layer or place where he got the impression of 'roots'/'vessels' around him. He says he passed through this layer and believes many who have had NDE's have miscontrued this as 'hell' and he believes they may not have passed through this layer as he did, which he did not sense was 'hell'. "Didn't go far enough."

- Feels the word 'God' is so limiting and does not like to use it. Says 'God' or the unconditional, loving divine light/force he experienced is so much more than a single word could ever do justice and feels there are many misconceptions attached to this word.

- I believe he spoke some on his belief in reincarnation but I can't recall exactly what he said other than affirming his feelings on the phenomena.

- The 'guardian angel' he met during his experience turned out to be his biological sister that he never knew! He found this out several months after his experience. He was adopted and his biological family reached out to him and sent him a photo of his sister who was deceased at the time of his experience. It was the same woman from his NDE experience!

Totally agree with the message that cosciousness is not sourced in the brain. A portion or element of our consciousness leaves our body when we enter the dream state! I had read this for years and always kept an open mind about this assertion. Not long ago I woke up with a recollection of an experience from the night before. I had been sleeping in bed on my stomach and remember seeing myself from above and then I was immediately back in my body and seeing things from the vantage point of my eyes. I was startled when this happened as I felt there was a 'presence' behind me or watching me. However it wasn't until I contemplated on this the next morning that I was able to connect the dots and realize that it was ME who was looking down on my body and the process of my perspective changing so quickly from outside my body to back inside my body was what gave me the false impression that it was someone else there with me.

Good thread.

nice! and agreed.

Thread: The Truth about Hell - but the mainstream fundies can't accept it. and maybe you can't either
 Quoting: Salt

We were created in the creators image is what we have all heard.

It goes deeper than that. We are all part of the same consciousness experiencing this reality in a human form.

When our human form ceases to function we are then return whole to the consciousness as pure energy or spirit or soul.

There are many dimensions or realms to reality. Modern physics says that there are 11 dimensions to reality yet we can't experience most of them.

Death in human form is a new beginning, a beginning that we experience over and over again.
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