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Subject You have created your own Hell!
Poster Handle Jackie Howe
Post Content
And this includes things such as the latest school shooting.

You are in control.

Well not you exactly, but the "herd" that you are part of.

Although some of us that are free are not susceptible to subliminal messages because we have faced our fears and are truly awake.

But, when a weaker person tries to leave the herd (be themselves and lead their own life), they are always victim to those subtle messages the herd sends out.

And although they may make it "out there", it is impossible to stay there.

The end result is a burning hatred of "the herd" whom have imprisoned them.

Often this will lead to suicide, but sometimes that person will "go postal".

It is not the Government, it is you.

Least the real you, that you hide deep inside, deep down where no normal outsiders will ever see it.

But I do, I see!

I see how evil you really are.

I see how you hate each other, but put on another face when around your "friends".

It is called social-lies-ing for a reason.

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