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Message Subject What is wrong in the US that school shooting are common ??
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It's about mental illness and a culture of violence. Say what you want, violent video games, music videos, movies. They have an effect on those who are emotionally fragile. Identifying and treating people capable of committing this kind of violence needs to be stepped up. I'd even go so far as to identify people on forums such as this who make violent and/or antisocial comments be identified for their own sake if not society's. If people are messed in the head with violent overtones it is everyone's responsibility to make sure that they are taken seriously before stuff like this happens. You can't put mental illness and guns together. And despite the huge amount of guns in the states compared to every other nation in the world, its not really about gun control, it's about mental illness. When you have breakdown of religion, family and community there is no one taking care of or watching out for the mentally ill anymore... just a system that is obviously lacking.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29737536

Exactly, break down of religion (values), family and community.

I wanted to come there but you were faster.

 Quoting: ^àTOn^

Yes, and it goes deeper than that. Not killing your own kind was instinctual. Pack animals protect the members of the pack. Humans are/were essential pack animals. We need that social structure to thrive. Some how, the instinct or social pact to not kill each other is evolving out of some people. Survival of the species is one of the most basic instincts, and we are losing that. Is it an entitlement mentality? Some no longer feel the need to care for their fellow humans (and Im not talking welfare.)

I imagine most here on glp would help a neighbor if they came to the door and asked. "Can you jump start my car?" Can I borrow a cup of sugar. My kid is in the hospital, can you watch my dog for a few hours. WHY do we help. Well, because we are nice. Because "it's the right thing to do". But, deeper than that, it's instinctual to come to the aid of a fellow human.
 Quoting: NawtyBits

Yes, I see it exactly like you do. But at some point point humans tend to break down in own social packs. Own laws, own rights, own constitution.

And sometime they break down to lonely wolfe, making up their own law.
 Quoting: ^àTOn^

But why ?

My father always said, the most important question in life is the question of "WHY".
He said it opens doors.
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