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Message Subject ban video games first
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If its the games that are causing it , why does only America have this problem, we have the same games you guys do yet no school shootings.
 Quoting: Doommincus Maximus

today in China a man stabbed 22 children at a school.

certain games arent necessarily the cause but could be a contributing factor
 Quoting: Oyster

the main factor would be the kids looking up to a government that kill innocent people all around the world all the time, most of the time with the parents cherring when they see the stuff on TV.
All violent games in NZ are rated r18, is this not the case in america? or is that considers socilizim too
 Quoting: Doommincus Maximus

chilren and teens dont "look up to the government" they arent paying attention to any of that. at least american ones arent.

yes we have ratings on games but parents still buy them for their kids, like anything else they have.
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