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Message Subject ban video games first
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I absolutely love GLP and I've been lurking here for a long long long time. Anyway, I've been in game design for 14 years and have been involved in the game industry for more than two decades. I've worked on about a dozen triple A titles. Tens of millions have (hopefully) enjoyed my work. So I'm not just some guy who made a web game or two for his CS class. Anyway, topics like are usually enough to draw me out.

Gamers are getting old and the games industry has gotten really, really big. 10+ years ago I kind of laughed at the idea we'd by surpassing the movie industry in sales but that actually happened. It makes sense though because my generation was weened on video games and generally, people don't give up their hobbies when they get older. They tend to refine their tastes in them as well as spend a whole lot more money on them.

Now first person shooters aren't my favorite genre and I've never worked on one. I enjoy RPGs, fighting games and other action games. Those are the sorts of game I've made. But when people spit the word "VIDEO GAMES" with that snotty church lady voice, they really mean first person shooters. They are not talking about Angry Birds or Sonic the Hedgehog.

Now with that said, the 18-25 male demographic are the ones most buying and playing first person shooters, followed secondly by the 25-40 demographic. These games are not for kids and that's why they all carry an M rating.

Asking to ban VIDEO GAMES (i.e. First Person Shooters) is like saying "ban R rated movies". They promote violence and stuff. We should also ban damn near everything shown on TV after 8pm on a weekday really.

Instead of banning, how about we enforce what we already have? How about we have tougher laws against stores that sell M rated games to kids? Or how about punishments for parents who let their kids play M-rated games?
What you're advocating here is trampling on the rights of grown adults to enjoy the kind of entertainment they prefer. It's a great topic starter for a Friday night but a bad idea generally
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29104310

Thank you for posting!


This is exactly my point. A call to ban all video games in my mind makes no logical sense, since they're not all the same and the ones calling for such a thing are painting all of them with a wide brush.

Myself, I'm nearing 40, and I've played everything from Final Fantasy to Oblivion to Minecraft to Mario Brothers.
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