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Message Subject ban video games first
Poster Handle StormeyGoddess
Post Content
The sad thing about video games is that parents are letting their kids play at younger and younger ages...Kids are then desensitized to murder, blood, violence, death. Same with movies...the younger a child is when sex and death on tv are normal, the worse off they are.

True story...I know a parent who let their child play video games since the time he could walk. When this child was about 8 or 9 years old, he got a butcher knife out of the kitchen and tried to commit suicide...Thank God his mother found him as he had the knife to his throat and only ended up with a surface scratch...Wanna know what was going on in his head??????

The kid thought he could just regenerate...have another life...

My older kids are 15 and 16. I am very careful about what they watch. If it has sexual anything in it, they can't see it. I don't mind blood and violence now, but I never let them play video games til they were older nor let them watch violent or bloody or scary movies. I also have an 8 year old...Same rules apply to him.

It's extremely important that kids know that their actions affect other human beings before they should be allowed to indulge in violent, bloody awful video games or movies...

Once they KNOW the difference between real life and video games and movies, then it's on! I am addicted to WoW, myself and see nothing wrong with playing games...sometimes we all need to blow some shit up in a game so we don't blow shit up IRL, but kids sometimes don't know the difference if they're missing the empathy and compassion genes...
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