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Message Subject ban video games first
Poster Handle meganebula
Post Content
it's true though

the generation this kid belongs to grew up on extremely graphic / realistic first person shooters & grand theft auto..

they don't watch T.V.

They don't have jobs..

They are "gamers"

and it's all they do... all day... every day... for YEARS!

they have become so desensitized and disconnected from reality this type of act becomes a new way of living out their video game fantasy world..

it's like the 4chan troll generation

they have serious mental issues & no one to guide them

the problem isn't weapons

the problem is this fucked up society leading our children down the of depravity from birth
 Quoting: ^TrInItY^

I have to agree. The repetition and obsessive behaviour has GOT to be ingraining horrible neural pathways, at LEAST. If they were spending an hour or two a day on the 'game' that is one thing. But, Hours and hours, day after day, with little other experience to help offset. Plus, they aren't 'just' watching t.v., they are involved with action and choice. Terrifying. More multi leveled reinforcement of desperate, violent reaction.
We teach the abc's, the times tables, etc. by repetition, and it works. What the hell is this shit?
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