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Message Subject Cant effing take the "get rid of the guns" posts all over facebook
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
we can print guns off a 3-d printer its not ever going to happen ever not now not ever, instead of treating the symptoms of senseless murders IE gun control, mabye try and treat the disease IE the people who use them for malicious reasons.

Just like a computer virus you don't just erase the virus, you get the rootkit the registry entries and everything else that goes along with it.

I can only say if it was my child that got killed in this senseless murder I would be out for blood, that being said the fault lies in what people take in as programming, IE the endless wars, the police brutality, the corruption in today's society, the filth that TV, movies and the like produce and call it entertainment, is what breeds this type of behavior the problem isn't the guns, its the shit that is constantly spewed at people, the unrelenting BS lies that come out of our police force, judicial system, Congressmen, senators, and world leaders, the EPIC fail of dumbing down the society to control the masses, the constant employment of genetic manipulation of plants, the outright destruction of our environment for the nothing else but profit and the monetary system, the theft at a grand scale of the powerful over the common man.

This is what drives people to do these acts, and I'm surprised there isn't more of this going on, all in all tho its a digital simulation that we live in anyway its a short period of time that we are here and then go on from this shitty existence too bad that the powerful and elite have everything they ever would want or need and feel compelled to destroy and control everything around them to such a degree that things like this happen.

You know if the people that control 90% of the worlds wealth would sitdown and build a real true and honest space agency to get out to the other planets and mine, discover and compete in a galactic way you would see a dramatic drop in this type of shit.

That is all
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