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Message Subject Where was your God when that evil bastard killed those babies?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I've been reading the posts on this thread and it's sad. You guys still don't get it. Time is almost up. Then you enter into the spiritual reality. You guys have paid attention to material things instead of spiritual things. He died so you wouldn't go to prison because that is what Hell is. You are an image of God so he expects you to be holy. But you can't because of sin. So he died for your sins that you wouldn't go to that prison. He has sent the helper to make you holy. Who is the Holy Spirit. He comes within you and changes you to dislike and hate sin. He knew you couldn't do it on your own. So he came in flesh that the curse of original sin would be broken. Heaven is your true nature the divine nature. Earth is the place of testing that's why it's so harsh, and also why you have a sinful nature. Hell is a prison because you failed the creator of being as he is since you are in his image. He is Just but if you denied his son you are condemned, because you denied his gift to you. You refused God and chose the other one. You can't be on the sidelines.
 Quoting: Semper Fi 6875630

Spot on. Good post.
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