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Message Subject ? for the computer gurus in here.. Also, Let's share some of our favorite programs!!
Poster Handle Patrick Bateman
Post Content
Windows -
Most commercial applications
Ease of use
Huge Customer Base / Huge amount of malware
Cache/Temp/Registry Corruption upon long term use

Linux -
Huge base of open source software
Less virus activity
Smaller footprint (size/memory/etc...)
Higher learning curve
Limited Windows application support

If you run linux, most of the windows applications will not run. You can run a program call WINE, that will emulate windows; but it has limited support for newer windows apps. There are also several gaming specific programs built on the WINE engine.

Otherwise, I would copy your music, movies, pictures, documents, etc. to a flash drive or external drive; so that you can replace them on the new OS. The best way to accomplish this, is to install another hard drive and install the new OS on the new drive. That way you do not lose your data.
 Quoting: Melek76

Awesome man, thanks!!
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