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Message Subject ? for the computer gurus in here.. Also, Let's share some of our favorite programs!!
Poster Handle Patrick Bateman
Post Content

I do everything but game, lol

I need to be able to use lots of "internet" apps, and not being as familiar with linux, i am not sure how hey would work

I love the deep web, tor, etc.. I spend my spre time on hackthissite.org and shit like that just for fun and to learn

I need to be able to use many programs related to things of that nature.. proxifer, etc...

I watch lots of tv and movies on the net, but not really any gaming. I am not a huge gamer, but I use my ps3 when I do.

Thanks for all the input friends!!
 Quoting: Patrick Bateman

I think Linux would be a good fit! Anything internet related works exactly the same. You may not be able to find ALL the same programs you use, but will almost definitely find open source alternatives to them. You can dual boot Windows and Linux without having to repartition anything. Just decide which distro you want and there are instructions on how to do a dual boot install. Also, almost all distros have a live cd version you can use to test things out before installing. Just download and burn to a CD or to a flash drive and reboot. Have fun!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27245495

Awesome, thanks!

And I would just like to add before people get the wrong Idea... Yes I love the internet and learn from al of the info on it.. everywhere. but as far as the "hacking" type nonsense is concerned, I am not a hacker. I just like picking up new tricks for fun and also knowing how people do what they do so I know how to defend or get around it.
 Quoting: Patrick Bateman

If you ever decide to expand your mind in computer/networking technology, try this:

[link to www.backtrack-linux.org]
 Quoting: S0L4RN1GHTM4R3

Awesome, thanks!

Yeah, the net is a hobby of mind. I am a geek, but Physics, Bio and Chem, not tech.
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