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Message Subject Gun control petition created today already has almost enough signatures.
Poster Handle RF
Post Content
GOOD. i really do not see why americans insist on being able to have automatic weapons.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29378280

we are allowed semi-automatic, meaning they reload themselves. The other types are single shot, meaning shoot once and reload a bullet in the chamber and a bolt action, which may have a magazine and empties and reloads the bullets through manual action of moving the bolt.

semi-automatic allows one to shoot bullets as quickly as they can pull the trigger. This is not fully automatic, meaning you pull the trigger and a lot of bullets get fired.

mass murders are tragedies. People who take a gun and use it to kill defenseless people are cowards and assholes.

there are 2 solutions, one is to attempt to take all of the guns away. Leave only cops and military armed with guns. This would be fine if the cops and military were incorruptable. But we've seen cops and military abuse their power.. The other option is arm everyone and teach them how to use a gun to protect themselves. Then allow them to carry the gun so that if a person decides to go suicidal he will die with hundreds of bullets in his body.

I own guns and know how to use them. But I cannot take them with me to work. If a person came to where I work with a gun I could only hide. But if I were allowed to carry my pistol I would kill him, if given the opportunity.
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