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Subject Strange Vision Element 119
Poster Handle Jeffery Of Sky
Post Content
Ok yesterday morning, I got this vision to look up Element 119, on Facebook.

After that dream, I had a dream I had something inside my finger. And I got picking and a long shard of STAINLESS STEEL came out, and it was like 4 inches long, and I thought, wow how did I pick that up.

And then I questioned, wow, is that what they use in bombs, stainless steel, cause it went through my finger no problems.

So, I had never heard of anything to do with this Element 119 before, so I went to Facebook and it was two rock bands.

So I sort of felt energy to check one out leading and it led to this video, video called MEN OF VISION but this group Element 119.

And get this, at 1 minute and 19 seconds, it says BOMB, in the video.

So tell me, this whole thing even for me is strange, I am just more of a spiritually focused guy and ET contactee, not getting these kind of visions.

So, does anyone know if there is a bomb existing made from 119? And wikipedia says that they cannot manufacture it, so where would they get the element if they had it?

And has anyone heard of such a conspiracy before? It must have taken some planning in that son to ensure that perfectly in the video the words bomb was at 1:19.

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