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Message Subject Obama, Romney on assault weapons (Oct 2012 Debate)
Poster Handle 13th-Century
Post Content
President Obama and GOP candidate Mitt Romney discuss what should be done to limit the availability of assualt weapons.

you'll be seeign this o sound bites a lot in the next 2 weeks:

 Quoting: Philligan

As soon as Gov. Romney mentioned "Fast and Furious," the Obamaturd starts to smirk, and then he is clearly signalling to Candyfats to cut off Romey, close him down.

Note the SPLIT SCREEN EFFECT which distracts the viewer from seeing what Romney has to say, and how he says it, while Obama actually starts to grin - like a Cheshire cat.

Candyfats comes on to reprove Gov. Romney to bring him back 'to topic'; and she then accuses him of 'changing his mind' on assault weapon legislation in Massachusetts - a well-used Obama attack on Romney on many issues, fabricated to brand the opponent as a flip-flopper.

Yup, Romney is talking about the Mexican citizens, and the Americans, killed with Obama's "Fast and Furious" operation, and he isn't crying about it, but it sounds like he is really exasperated about Holder claiming "executive privilege".

At the moment the killing of people comes up, watch Obama.

No guilt. No conscience.

It's a game to him.


Like the picture that was photoshopped so people wouldn't realize Obama is physically shorter than Romney:

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