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Message Subject Breaking - Over 100 dead and 1000+ injured
Poster Handle Lord Teapot
Post Content
Oh fuck off. There are no liberals around here, so who the fuck are you talking to?

You do something productive and turn an eye on drunk driving kills, then totally ruin it by making it about liberals. Way to stick to your point.

Also, they want gun control to control you, not because they're liberals. So stop with this liberal witch hunt bullshit, it's muddying up the real issues. You're taking away attention from the points that matter for pointless generalized shit-talking. Give it a fucking rest already.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 30560657

it's only the liberals who want the guns. voting records are public information. but, that would mean you'd have to go do some research, which would invalidate your worldview in many respects. i don't blame you for prefering the head-in-the-sand approach, at one time i also enjoyed the bliss of hiding from reality.
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