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Message Subject Breaking - Over 100 dead and 1000+ injured
Poster Handle LSDreamer
Post Content
I'm not pro gun control, I used to be, not so much these days.

With that said, you honestly can't make parallels between cars and guns. A cars first function is transportation. Can you go to work in a gun? Can you pick up your kids from school with a gun? Cars drive the economy (pun intended). A guns first function is to kill what the operator intends it to.

Drink driving is a tragic side effect of a necessary tool and there could be more done about it, but if you want more done about drink driving you might be giving up some of your other rights as well.

I'm not pro gun control, from my research I've come to the conclusion that the illegal drug trade and it's tendency to create gangs and therefore territorial problems is the issue. I'm in favor of legalizing all drugs to reduce gun related incidents, that's the solution, in my opinion.
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