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Connecticut shooting-It's not the Gun.

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United States
12/14/2012 06:50 PM
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Connecticut shooting-It's not the Gun.
It's not the gun. We should have gotten help to the shooter before he took this action. Someone should have seen this coming. People are getting violent because they're troubled. You can put a gun in my hand and I'm not going to shoot anyone unless it's self defense. Again, It's not the gun. Don't use taking away guns as a remedy. There's something wrong in this country and we all know it. No is home to care about the children and it's breeding people without a concience. You can start there. Then there are the bullies. Then there is a lack of money that is pushing people over the edge. I'm sorry but we have to pay attention to the people from birth to death. I'm sure people knew he needed help and ignored him because no one has time in this country to watch out for their fellow men and women. We better stop running around and start loving and caring more. We can build a wonderful country if people would start caring about people.