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Please explain why the world needs hand guns?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 29335662
12/14/2012 11:55 PM
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Re: Please explain why the world needs hand guns?
forgot the linkie

[link to www.theatlantic.com]
 Quoting: DOT 2 DOT

Ummm your logic is flawed.

Switzerland...every sane citizen has a machine gun in their house...by law...and trained in its use.

You want a country to be safe? Make it mandatory that every citizen over the age of majority, who is not mentally ill nor on psychotropics, should be armed and trained in the use of firearms.

This has nothing to do about guns. It has a lot to do about Big Pharma poisons. Anyone who takes a psychotropic med is a ticking time bomb.

Everyone of these wacko shooters were on these meds, going right back to Columbine.

Arm yourself with knowledge and then arm yourself with a gun or two.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29698507

Kinda reminds me of the olden times, when all citizens of a nation were obliged to have working knowledge of sword-fighting and archery, in order to protect themselves from marauders or invading forces.

The gun is nothing more than the modern day version of these weapons, and responsible citizens should be allowed to carry/conceal all over the worldy, and not just the U.S.

A robber is less likely to attack someone who looks like they will fight back, instead they want the least amount of resistance from their victim, carrying a gun empowers the weaker ones to defend against this type of attack and serves as preventative measure against the psychology of the assailant

User ID: 1457343
United States
12/19/2012 04:46 PM
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Re: Please explain why the world needs hand guns?
Whether or not you accept it the facts are the nation is broke and have been laying off police officers left and right for over 3 years now...the crime rate would be going up if your assessment was accurate...unfortunately for you and the anti-gun rights advocates the crime rate continues to drop as more and more citizens are purchasing firearms.

Now, if you trust the government enough to vote for larger government as the OP and Dot does in their own admission, you then must accept the FBI reports as legitimate. Otherwise your integrity will be thoroughly questioned.

If not, you vote for a larger government that you yourself do not trust.

In light of these FACTS, you really need to change your own view on the subject and become progressive instead of "Progressives".

 Quoting: Chip

This is the meat of the issue. A gun doesn't malignantly tell someone to kill.

When you buy a gun, you level the playing field against other gun-wielding-criminals-who-will-not-abide-by-laws.

Thus, the criminal avoids areas where opposition might cause threat to the criminal.

Think about that.

Is it any wonder that criminals who go on mass shooting sprees do it at schools where our most vulnerable (children) are collected in one place where guns are absolutely forbidden?

Yet idiots still want to ban guns. Where guns are banned, the innocent become victims in far greater numbers.
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When jews have identity it is called history.
When WHITES have identity it is called Racism.

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