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I hope you're ready for ..

User ID: 29929260
United States
12/15/2012 01:20 AM
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I hope you're ready for ..
First, A few "FACTS" (with sources below)

1.) The Mayan calendar began in 3114 BCE

2.) The Mayan Calendar ends after the 13'th baktun (Friday, December 21, 2012)

3.) The current year is 2012

4.) 3114 + 2012 = 5126

5.) 5126 / 394 = 13

6.) Carbon dating estimates an ice age approx 5200 years ago and may be coming back

7.) Atmospheric CO2 is highest during the glacial cycle

8.) Atmospheric CO2 is the highest now since the last ice age

9.) Our solar system orbits the milky way, a disk galaxy. (around 220-260million years)

10.) A black hole was discovered in another galaxy

11.) Cosmic rays from other galaxies black holes ARE hitting us

12.) NASA 'suspected' at the center of the galaxy is a black hole (2002)

13.) NASA confirms a black hole at the center of the Milky Way, Cygnus X-1, that's "siphoning gas off a giant-star companion"

14.) Mars atmosphere is primarily CO2, 95.32%

15.) We're losing our atmosphere faster than Mars

16.) Solar Radiation Management, chemtrails, are real.. in theory.

1.) [link to en.wikipedia.org]
2.) [link to www.google.com (secure)]
3.) [link to www.timeanddate.com]
4.) [link to www.google.com (secure)]
5.) [link to www.google.com (secure)]
6.) [link to researchnews.osu.edu]
7.) [link to en.wikipedia.org]
8.) [link to upload.wikimedia.org]
10.) [link to www.telegraph.co.uk]
11.) [link to www.newscientist.com]
12.) [link to science.nasa.gov]
13.) [link to science.nasa.gov]
14.) [link to en.wikipedia.org]
15.) [link to dsc.discovery.com]
16.) [link to event.arc.nasa.gov]

i shall return
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 29934163
United States
12/15/2012 01:34 AM
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Re: I hope you're ready for ..
User ID: 28891691
United States
12/15/2012 01:44 AM
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Re: I hope you're ready for ..
I doesn't afraid of anything!