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Message Subject Who was the Man In The Woods In Sandy Hook?
Poster Handle Zedakah
Post Content
“Broadcast reports from the scene say the gunman reportedly walked into the school wearing camouflage pants and opened fire in one room killing the principal and an unknown number of other adults and then moved into to classrooms shooting at students and teachers in those rooms.”

[link to www.skyvalleychronicle.com]

Watching the news as it was breaking, I know I heard the initial reports was a "gunman wearing camouflage pants and a black jacket."

From the video....

Witness: No, I didn’t see any gun…just had him handcuffed and he walked by us and looked into parents’ eyes and said “I didn’t do it”.
Reporter: How was he dressed?
Witness: Camo pants with a dark jacket.

Adam Lanza wore black fatigues. No camouflage coloring reported.

“The gunman, wearing black fatigues and a military-style vest, was found dead in a classroom, but it was not clear whether he took his own life or was shot by police.
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