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Message Subject Who was the Man In The Woods In Sandy Hook?
Poster Handle loche626
Post Content
Here’s a thought. Perhaps Adam Lanza was a fall guy. He was dead when the police arrived. “Dead men tell no tales.” Did anyone actually see him shoot anyone? Or are all the people that saw him shoot, now dead? The guy running from the school,It was reported that he was dressed the same as Adam Lanza. (Black shirt and Camouflage pants) Is it too much of a stretch to think this guy did the shooting and Adam Lanza was left, dead at the scene, as the villain? Why would an armed, off duty police officer run away from the scene? Why was the car that was towed away, (Black, Honda, Connecticut License Plate: 872YEO) on the roll back, towed? It wasn’t even Adam Lanzas car. It was registered to Chris Rodia. Why was it searched? Who did the shot gun belong to that was found in the trunk? Too many questions. However, evidently not enough to ask the questions. What’s the deal with Gene Rosen? This guy’s story changed three to five times. Again, too many questions. Why isn’t anyone asking these questions?
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