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Message Subject Who was the Man In The Woods In Sandy Hook?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Manfredonia plays a role as does the head custodian, who was supposedly on vacation. Both worked for the school system. What about the Newtown Bd of Ed delivery guy, who's name I need to look up again.
He claims to have seen dead children in the classrooms with a live one underneath!

Now this is ridiculous but what it tells me is that the Newtown School Board was aware of this drill and took part and had role players.

These employees gave false stories to the media.
Sally Cox, the school nurse, gave the story that the person
was the son of a kindergarten teacher and how wonderful the kindergarten teacher was.
Well, she told two stories. One where she claims to have seen the alleged shooter and one where she only saw his feet.

She's a liar. Kaitlyn Roig, who's class was the first one was passed by she says she sees him in the hall and closes the door and proceeds to hide 15 kids in a 3X3 foot bathroom.
It's absurd. How come she had no assistant teacher?
No room in the bathroom story? The one who tells the story of reading to the kids while shots are fired next door is nonsense. Mrs. Vollmer though fits Sally Cox's description as she has a son who lives in Hoboken also and works for Mayor Bloomberg.
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