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Message Subject Who was the Man In The Woods In Sandy Hook?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Chris Rodia, Chris Manfredonia, off-duty LE are all red herrings to the story.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1482838

The Rodia thing is really bizarre.

He gets pulled over by a detective (?!) over a parking(?!?!?!) violation (not even a moving one) and gets a warning instead of a ticket, but his name goes on the record via scanner. He gets an instant alibi courtesy of the police (my, they're very accomodating when it comes to this felon).

That's all bad enough as is.

But then...

There's the whole issue of the car description he gives ('I was riding in mom's SAGE GREEN Nissan', as if the color mattered, let alone the shade....I don't even remember if that color is found in a Crayola box of 64). Then there's the license plate bringing up HIS name, not his mom's, and then the car belongs to Nancy, or not, and 'Adam' drove it to the school...or not.

I think Rodia is much more than a red herring.

Also, Ginger Bread Dad was at the school HOURS early, but had the foresight to have a reason to be there conveniently available in text message format. He hears commotion in the school, smells sulfur (?!?!?!), so rather than look to see if his kid is okay, he runs into the woods. When caught, 'I didn't do it'.

Right. That makes perfect, rational sense. What a good ginger bread dad. He's innocent. He told us so.

And the armed off duty swat cop fleeing the school? Nothing to see here...off duty swat cops are always accidentally fleeing from school shootings. What a coincidence. What a small world.

A smell a rat in all 3 cases. They're all dirty, one way or another...and I doubt any of them is just a red herring.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32284139

They are extras thrown into the mix to confuse the story.
They aren't some hit team.
Just like the silly nuns and priest in a purple van with
a blown out window??
Uh, we've seen the traffic jam around the damn FD. No way anybody speeded away from the scene to be recorded for posterity on the scanners. That's what I mean by red herrings to the story.

Forget the scanner. It seems to be a script from the drill
at HSEEP in Madison was it? Or the other drill 18 miles across the border in NY. EMS drill.
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