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NOTHING is going to happen on December 21st... why?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 28805669
12/15/2012 11:15 AM
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NOTHING is going to happen on December 21st... why?
Because something would have already happened by now... trust me!

But welcome number 2013... it will be a blast to see the start of tribulations.

You have to view life as eternal... the percentage of chance of you being alive in this period of time is less than you can even imagine. Everybody else in the universe would do anything to trade place with any of you... We are avatars. So live the experience in the present moment, stop judging what life brings to you.

Earth is the place to be.

We will be the strongest race ever created, we will welcome other races in our home, once we understand that Earth is our kingdom... if you don't love yourself, then get on the next train, because it just seems to me that you cant make an effort to stay alive!

I welcome all of you in my heart, so this means all of you are equally important... in another words, if ever you judge me, i will kick you out of my kingdom and then you will have to prove to me that you are welcome back home... and I will ignore you because you judged me for loving everyone equally.

So do you want to judge or you want to welcome?