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Message Subject USA Gun Control Timeline, a social experiment...Post Sandy Hook to Present
Poster Handle milehighmike
Post Content
I'm SURE they do...

"Gun Control Crowd Wants To Be Called ‘Gun Safety’ Crowd"

[link to tpmdc.talkingpointsmemo.com]

"Anyone who’s written the words “gun control” since the push for gun violence prevention began in the wake of the Newtown shooting has received the emails. It’s not called “gun control” anymore, proponents of new and more stringent regulations on firearms write. Start calling it “gun safety.”

Gun control supporters say the term “gun safety” is less, well, loaded than “gun control,” the standard name for the push by groups like the Brady Campaign and others for decades. As part of their efforts to change the gun control push to make it more palatable politically, some are suggesting the phrase “gun control” be dropped once and for all.

During a brief press appearance on Thursday, Vice President Biden didn’t use the words “gun control” at all while talking about what actions the White House may push to help prevent future gun violence. But he did say “gun safety” three times in reference to groups like Brady, which favor new regulations on firearms. "
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