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miracle prayer

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 29955807
United States
12/15/2012 01:45 PM
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miracle prayer
"Dear Almighty Lord God Jesus Christ, I thank you for this day, for this is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.
I thank you for my being able to see, and to hear, and to speak, and to feel, and to taste of Your good creation this day and every day.
I'm blessed because you are such a loving and such
a forgiving God, and such an understanding and caring God.
You have done so much for me and yet you keep on blessing me.
Forgive me this day for everything I have ever done, or ever said or ever thought
That was not pleasing to you. I say I am so sorry.
I now repent and ask for your forgiveness.
Please keep me safe O God From all danger, hurt, and harm.
Help me to start this day and every day With a new attitude and plenty of gratitude.
Let me make the best of each and every day, To clear my mind so that I can hear from you.
Please broaden my mind so that I can accept all things according to God's Will. Let me not whine and whimper
Over things I have no control over, for all things are working together for my good and God's Glory.
And when I'm pushed beyond my limits, give me the best response, a response which says Alleluia, and
Praise the Lord, and Thanks be unto the Most High God Almighty, I know that when I can't
pray, You listen to the prayer of my heart.
Continue to use me to do your will.
Continue to bless me so that I may be A blessing to others.
Keep me strong so that I may help the weak...
Keep me uplifted so that I may have Words of encouragement for the discouraged.
I pray for those that are lost and can't find their way, that they come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, even through this Prayer I am now praying.

I pray for those that are misjudged
He Is Risen Indeed

User ID: 28631986
United States
12/15/2012 01:55 PM
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Re: miracle prayer
Thank you a truly beautiful prayer!

User ID: 804683
United States
12/15/2012 02:15 PM
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Re: miracle prayer
Great prayer, covers just about everything and Amen!