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THORIUM: energy cheaper than coal

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United States
12/15/2012 02:20 PM
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THORIUM: energy cheaper than coal
This is real Boys and Girls, we have to get this tech online to start looking towards a sustainable future.


What is thorium?

Today's nuclear power plants burn fissile uranium, which is nearly as rare as gold. Thorium is an abundant heavy metal that becomes uranium in a liquid fluoride thorium reactor (LFTR), releasing energy.

A market-based environmental solution

Factory-manufactured LFTRs can produce energy 40% cheaper than coal, and 80% cheaper than wind or solar energy. Economics alone can drive world-wide adoption of this clean energy source, without contentious, unworkable carbon taxes.

We can solve our global energy and environmental crises simply through innovative technology and free-market economics. If we offer to all the world the capability to produce abundant and cheap energy, all the world will stop burning coal. Its that simple. Rely on the economic self-interest of 7 billion people in 250 nations to choose cheaper, nonpolluting energy.

Much more at link:

[link to www.thoriumenergycheaperthancoal.com]

Best Wishes,