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CIA link to shooter in CT?

User ID: 29988568
12/15/2012 07:10 PM
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CIA link to shooter in CT?
he gunman who authorities say murdered 26 people at a school in Connecticut lived with his family in Kingston until 1998, official records show.

Adam Lanza, 20, was identified by police as the gunman who went from room to room, killing people during a rampage at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Netown, Conn.

The killer's parents, Peter J. and Nancy (Champion) Lanza, lived on Depot Road in Kingston on property that had been in Nancy Lanza's family for decades. Records at the Rockingham County Registry of Deeds show that Nancy Lanza acquired the Depot Road property from her mother, Dorothy (Champion) Hanson in 1987.

Nancy and Peter Lanza sold the Kingston home in 1998. The listed address for the current owners, who bought the property in 2011, is a post office box in Newtown, Conn.

Peter and Nancy Lanza were married in 1981, according to Kingston vital statistics records. Adam Lanza was born on April 22, 1992.

Members of the Champion family still live on portions of the original six-acre site.

Nancy Lanza was the sister of Kingston Police Officer James Champion, who lives next door to the former Lanza family home, sources said.

All calls to Kingston Police Chief Donald Briggs Jr. were referred to the FBI Friday night, and reporters who arrived at the home of James Champion were turned away by police officers.

Kieran Ramsey, supervisory special agent in charge of the FBI in New Hampshire, said he could not confirm or deny whether the local FBI office is conducting "investigative activity on behalf of the Connecticut State Police."

Connecticut authorities said that Adam Lanza killed himself after the shootings at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown. His brother Ryan, 24, was taken into custody by police. Initial reports said that Ryan Lanza was the gunman, but police later confirmed that Adam Lanza had fired the shots.

Nancy Lanza's stepfather, Paul Hanson, was a former teacher and principal in Epsom. He was also a school principal in Brentwood and was principal of the Memorial School in Newton for 26 years. Hanson was also a thoroughbred horse owner who kept race horses at Rockingham Park in Salem. Paul Hanson died in 2003 at age 72.

Peter Lanza's father, Peter S. Lanza, of Plaistow, died in 2010 at age 83. The elder Lanza was a native of Haverhill, Mass. and lived in Groveland, Mass. before buying a condominium in Plaistow in 1994.

[link to www.unionleader.com]

Help me hunt down the CIA links -- if any -- to these Lanza people here:

Dorothy (Champion) Hanson
Paul Hanson
Adam Lanza
Ryan Lanza
Peter J. Lanza
Peter S. Lanza (now deceased)
James Champion (police officer in New Hampshire)

Any New England Hanson, Lanza, or Champion in the CIA or otherwise spook agencies.

Please help; post your results here for a centralized information exchange.

Thank you.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 29996852
United States
12/15/2012 08:10 PM
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Re: CIA link to shooter in CT?
Are these HANSON people related to Dorothy (Champion) Hanson -- Nancy?

Peter Burton Hanson · Sue Kim Hanson · Christine Lee Hanson
User ID: 18481437
United States
12/17/2012 09:59 PM
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Re: CIA link to shooter in CT?
[link to www.amazon.com]

Not saying it's necessarily the same Paul Hanson, but this one wrote a book about the CIA...