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Message Subject Is this a newly acquired Illuminati MKUltra handler? This is who's singing to your kids...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
ok, right off the top of my head we see in the chorus

"oh we oh we oh we oh"

reference to Wizard of Oz (Aiwaz)

at the opening of the vid we see Will.i.am selecting a monarch butterfly 3rd one down - enter Brittney

this video is basically showing him as an official handler.
 Quoting: Salt

What significance do you place on Aiwaz? Sorry if I'm not as learned/steeped. Also, mind explaining the connection between Crowley's apparition and the Wizard of Oz?
 Quoting: Mr. Deadite

Aiwaz was the demon that Alistair Crowley channeled and wrote tons of stuff about. Crowley was a grand master mason wizard steeped deep in black magick. So was the dude that wrote the Wizard of Oz series of books (also a grand master mason and into black magick). That is where the get the Oz character from those books.


Wizard of Oz is used for MKUltra programming and triggers.

In the movie, you hear the witches minions chanting Owe We Owe, We Owe Her...

you hear that in Will.i.am's song above.

it's all inter-related

more on Aiwaz (or Aiwass)
[link to en.wikipedia.org]
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