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Message Subject Is this a newly acquired Illuminati MKUltra handler? This is who's singing to your kids...
Poster Handle RootzGemini
Post Content
referring to the Will I AM (i think thats his name) seseame street video.... I am confused why there is a song that is trying to be uplifting toward kids, at 6, my kids never feel depressed or down. If anything they get tired. I might be off on this one but it seems like they are teaching kids to be depressed in a way. I got a weird vibe from the song. My kids like good morning beautiful and Hey-ho not a song that is telling them to keep their heads up because there is nothing for them to be sad about.... until they learn the truth about this world of course :) But I will keep them innocent as long as possible.

It is better than the song I heard my friend with his daughter who is in 3rd grade, she is listing to a song that had a chorus talking about liking their sex. It was strange but geared toward younger kids.
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