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Message Subject Is this a newly acquired Illuminati MKUltra handler? This is who's singing to your kids...
Poster Handle insomnimom
Post Content
Verry intressting.
She is using the englisch accent again.
 Quoting: *W77*

yep. a madonna trick. i think it's an alter.
 Quoting: Salt

This is as far as I've read through this thread so far so I don't know if more about this was mentioned. The British accent was the first thing I noticed when I first heard this song. Reminds me of that weird video in which Britney Spears claimed to not even know who she was to the paparazzi. This isn't the same video, but same accent:

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

I can't find a link, but I watched the unveiling of that video on X Factor and Britney's reaction after it was played was weird. Almost like she was embarrassed.

The Scream and Shout video has some weird stuff going on that I hadn't seen mentioned yet... The weird one eye guy around the 1:26 mark. It reminded me of Mad-Eye Moody from Harry Potter. And right after the 3 minute mark the dancer on the far left with the big yellow eye. The symbolism is overwhelming.
 Quoting: insomnimom

that british trip with brittany is strange as hell.
i remember when madonna was doing that.
 Quoting: Salt

I think so. Remember her strange interview with Diane Sawyer where she goes from what seems like one personality to another. It also would help explain her breakdown, shaving her head, and making a music video about slitting her wrists and then being resurrected. She knew (knows?) what was happening to her and tried to regain control.

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]
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