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Message Subject Is this a newly acquired Illuminati MKUltra handler? This is who's singing to your kids...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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 Quoting: Salt

I'm following you. And remembering my pre teen obsession eith L Frank Baum books. I recently learned that one of my grandfathers was a Masonic grandmaster of a lodge. I recently realized my whole life has been messed with. Now I'm a T. I. Persecuted for 55 years now. The Op is being for real and so am I. Part of the gang stalking thing is if you remember what they originally did to you, then you go on a harrassment or elimination list. I am pretty sure I was one of their early Monarch failures, and so doomed to a life of not being allowed any happiness, friends, love. I can feel my self destructive programming kicking in and have to constantly fight it. I just lost another job, again. They destroyed my family and I have no friends now, on the eve of my old age... This is what this shit has done to individuals. There seems to be no recourse or help. The official govt line is it never happened, still isnt. They even corralled me into a living situation where I see it going on all around me. Life is hell for the victims. They inadvertently created a world of hate when they decided to keep this secret at all costs. There are too many people now suffering everywhere. I live in Colorado, one of their strongholds. If you can help me please reach out.
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