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Even If There Was a God, Why Jesus?

User ID: 12430998
United States
12/15/2012 11:20 PM
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Even If There Was a God, Why Jesus?
It seems like the most bitter enemies of atheists are Christians. -- Apparently other religions have better things to do with their time than argue with the people who don't believe in it. --

So, what if atheists actually conceded that there might be a "God". What does Jesus have to do with that? You think just because he performed a few magic tricks and supposedly rose from the dead that one time that makes him the key to the universe?

That is such a HUGE ASSUMPTION! He's just one guy! I mean, come on! Just think of all the other superpowers he should have had: flight, real invulnerability, super speed, invisibility, telekinesis, ... and even then that wouldn't make him the key to the universe. The first person who comes along who acts just a little superhuman you just assume is the key to finding "God"? Please use your brains a little more than that.