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Military to continue bombing nuclear waste dumps in Hawaii

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 29853627
United States
12/16/2012 02:01 AM
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Military to continue bombing nuclear waste dumps in Hawaii
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) will be issuing a license for
the mongoose to guard the hen house in Hawaii. The Army will be issued
an NRC license to possess Depleted uranium (DU) in Hawaii at Schofield
Barracks and the Pohakuloa Training Area (PTA). In effect, the NRC is
licensing Hawaii nuclear waste dumps and allowing those dumps to be
bombed, spreading the nuclear dump debris wherever the wind takes it.
The State Dept. of Health made no comment, nor did it ask any questions,
following the meeting. It is a fact that DU exists at Schofield
Barracks and PTA, and perhaps other present and former military sites in
Hawaii, including Kaho’olawe and Makua Valley. How much is not known.
A minimum of 700, perhaps more than 2000, DU Davy Crockett spotting
rounds have been fired at Pohakuloa. Less than 1% of PTA’s
133,000-acres have been surveyed. DU cluster bombs, and more than a
dozen DU penetrating rounds, DU bunker busters, etc. may also have been
fired at PTA and elsewhere. All branches of the US military use DU
weapons today. It’s clear to me that we cannot rely on so called
regulators to fix the problem. Nuclear regulators are just as much part
of the problem as bank regulators. The DOH is also part of the problem.
Where have our health officials been all these years on the issue. The
military in Hawaii has lied and use deception repeatedly. The US
military mission goes before concern for the health and safety of its
own troops and Hawaii’s people and land. Uranium is now showing up in
Big Island residents’ urine. Is it related to PTA, Fukushima or what?
The people have a right to know. Is the military above the law? What’s
needed is a peoples’ movement of non-violent resistance to stop the
bombing to protect the people and land of Hawaii against attacks by the
U.S. military.

[link to malu-aina.org]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 16793474
United States
12/17/2012 12:17 AM
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Re: Military to continue bombing nuclear waste dumps in Hawaii
I think they want to kill us with any kind of poison they can. They are stupid, plain and simple. And that's a fact jack. at least they are blatant about it..s226