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Need Advice on Gaming Venture

User ID: 8307482
United States
12/16/2012 02:57 AM
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Need Advice on Gaming Venture
I want to learn how to program, what would you recommend? Also as far as 3d modeling goes, does anyone know what program works well with zbrush?

I want to build an fps in a moba genre. People select agents, from GRU, MI6, CIA, NSA, and so on. Each one has their own specialized kill streaks and abilities with cooldowns. Just like in LOL there will be lanes and towers will be machine gun nests.

There would be a constant spawn of creep waves that attack the opposition in the middle of the lanes. Just like in LoL, when you attack the npc and get the killing blow, you earn $.

To win the game you would destroy the machine gun nests with c4 and continue to the next tower.

Once you make it to the HQ, you can destroy it with a bomb, or earn a diplomatic victory by assassinating all enemy players within 5 seconds.

Of course, when you die, you have a respawn timer and you go back to base, where the shop and other defense systems are set up.

Players in the game would have a health pool, similar to Halo, but less regenerative over time. This would mean they would have to play cautiously, but could overcome this with strategy by different items in the shop, and abilities earned by leveling up.

Similar to LoL, there would be abilities you can learn that modify your speed, movement type, attack abilities, etc.

Make a shop, where people can buy bandages, specialized ammunition, body armor, guns, etc.

If a game like this was made with the same polish as Call of Duty, it could be bigger than LoL.

In fact, it would destroy both Call of Duty and BF3, if it was polished to the degree and graphics of these mainstream shooters.

Who's down to make a game?