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Help! Need help cracking the Nazi Code

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 13045367
12/16/2012 03:05 AM
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Help! Need help cracking the Nazi Code
[link to www.codebrekers.nl]

And if you cracked better go look for your self insteed of accepting 12,000 euro

Wanted; Code Breakers

On this page you will find the encrypted document. Meanwhile there are many reactions with suggestions for the solution of this riddle. We would like to remind everyone that is in the "conditions" the bottom of this page has been made. So please read this carefully! Furthermore, we note that regular suggestions are made in the last years has been examined by Karl Hammer. This subject was published in the research report / book.

The encrypted document

Document with tags

Document with all the high lights

"It is likely that the Nazi treasures still untouched in discovery await."
Gerard Aalders, Historian NIOD

While the Russians in April 1945 bloodily fought their way through Berlin, the Nazis quickly brought a cargo of gold and diamonds personal Hitler to a secret location. The intention was to play the terrorist group Werwolf finance. During the last hours of the war gave Hitler's secretary Martin Bormann an encrypted document with rune characters to a chaplain to the part to ijboekhouder Schwarz in Munich to bring. In the document, the location described by the gold and diamonds. Schwarz was already arrested by the Allies and Bormann survived the Russian attack. The coded letter thus remained in the hands of the pastor.

Authentic document.
Over sixty years later, the document by chance into the hands of investigative journalist Karl Hammer. It had all this time unnoticed in the estate of the chaplain found. Hammer is convinced that it is authentic. "I fully understand that some people have doubts, but my research showed that the paper, typography and the breakdown of the letters no longer credible. Moreover, the runes match the style that Bormann would use". For Hammer remained only the question of how the code was and whether the loot still be found would be. To the current value of the gold and diamonds can only guess according Hammer. That it is a huge amount to go is for him. "Hitler had the best and most beautiful diamonds in his possession. According to my information, who stood by his intimates known as" the tears of the wolf "and are in themselves worth a fortune." The historical value of the diamond is also undisputed.

NIOD Gerard Aalders.
That the loot is still somewhere just waiting to be discovered is very likely according to historian Gerard Aalders of the NIOD by Hammer approached. Together they concluded that there is indeed still treasures the Nazis are found, such as the great art booty in 2006 in Switzerland, where they were detected by the Nazis was clogged.

A few years Hammer bite firmly into the code and although he managed to decipher the most part, he was not able to find the hiding place. Delving into Germany he became convinced that he was something overlooked. In November 2012, an article in the British press reported about a pigeon from World War II to his leg still had a coded message. But nobody understood the code and therefore the public was invited to contribute ideas. This inspired Hammer an ultimate public call, including a reward for those that the last part of the puzzle can solve. "In 2006 a group of amateurs knew at the initiative of the violinist Stefan Krah a code from the Second World War to break that even the best cryptographers failed. I hope the same is also possible with this code," said Hammer.

To the payment of the remuneration to be made where conditions in their entirety to be met. Unfortunately we can not respond to every every email that only contains a suggestion for the solution, we are indeed looking for the complete solution of the encrypted document. For discussions and the exchange of ideas, we refer you to the Facebook group of code breakers.

There is only paid when the gold and diamonds actually and tangibly shown. Karl Hammer, or someone from his team, will at no time be required to raise themselves to do or to undertake journeys to visit the gold or diamonds.

The authenticity of the gold and the diamonds must be by an independent expert to be confirmed.

Karl Hammer, or someone from his team, will in no way involved in potential (international) criminal or morally reprehensible acts. Obtaining the gold and diamonds should therefore be consistent with this.

The explanation of the entire code of the 'priest letter' must be rational and comprehensible, so this explanation substantiates what the actual hiding place of the gold and diamonds has been and where therefore the gold and the diamonds are found.

Karl Hammer, or someone from his team, lays no claim to have found gold or diamonds.

The inventor (s) of the gold and the diamonds are agree that in exchange for their premium story about deciphering the code and obtain the gold and diamonds only to Karl Hammer is informed and that he the exclusive copyright acquires about to publish.