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Possible End Game Scenario Newtown, Connecticut Shooting and the Mentally Ill

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12/16/2012 07:21 AM
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Possible End Game Scenario Newtown, Connecticut Shooting and the Mentally Ill
This Op Ed has to deal with signs of a possible game strategy with pieces that are all finally fitting together

with the help of a little history.

It has come as a visualisation of the pain that I felt and struggled with as I tried to reconcile what had happened

to those 20 children and 6 adults that passed in Newtown, Connecticut. How, why, could someone do this with such

callousness to 20 children(it.), let alone 26 human beings(it.)? I finally seriously, worse that the tragedy on

September 11, 2001, felt that America had lost(it.) something.

So I started looking for clues that something was wrong with what I was seeing on the television compared to what I

was reading in my internet forums. Although there are many incongruencies with this crime scene from the beginning

as many of us in the '"conspiracy' loop well know by now (pay attention to the initial details) and many more are

flowing in as the days pass... mainly what I saw was a very troubled individual that went 'berserker'(it.)...


And then...I began to look at my own life. I'm a hack. I'm a washed up has-been of a son-of-a-bitch that aint gonna

amount to shit... thats unless(it.) my best friend feeds my motherfuckin ashes to my dog after the cremation. I've

fucked up in life. Although a short one, I have a criminal record. My drug use has caused, shall we say, my fare

shair of deals with the devil. I am no angel. I've had the failed marriage and have lost my children. I live on

food stamps and rent assistance. This shit has caused some SERIOUS mental problems. But I've fought back...and

continue to. I've gotten sober, worked the programs, got healthy, relapsed, gotten sober, got healthy. But I seemed

to always fall back into those same old triggers(it.). Because of how messed up I was I decided it was my personal

responsibilty to look INTO myself to find out what was wrong with me, why(it.), I was so fucked up. I flew through

psychology and Greek philosophy, Gurgieff, which led me into the esoteric, the mysteries(it.), to the freemasons,

Knights Templar, Solomon, Egypt, Lemuria, atlantis... nibiru. And oh my god did that fuck my head up even

more...for a while... until I got some of it. I keep getting some of it. And that is part of the fun. And also part

of the danger. But did I also tell you I was an experiment? Yes. I was the proud recipient of at least the fun

dozen of psycotropic drugs happily (and freely) given out to the poor troubled youths of America's middle class.

Yeah...effexor, wellbutrin, luxor, wtf...whatever... a dozen of the shits literally... and boy was I a basket case

after those... boy do I wish there was a precident for a court case where I could blame drugs for my crime... but

there isnt. So I decided to heal myself and above is what occurred, again and again, and boy if you aint gonna get

used to that then you better hang it up now. But the drugs really did do something to me... and sure enough so did

the street drugs that I was self medicating with did too! Boy oh boy they did. I was helped I was. I felt like fire

marshall bill from in living color(jim carrey kids look it up)...all the time... and people were actually telling

me I looked good... go figure. Those drugs made me feel weird, very weird, and sometimes like I wanted to kill

somebody, or myself, but dont tell anybody because I dont want anyone to know I was having those thoughts because

they'll just lock me up what with all the alerts and terrists an shit. But I had done something aweful during that

time, did my time, but still(it.) have to pay pay pay, cant get a job, if it is it's shit and the boss is a dick,

and I dont keep the fuckin job. Life Fucking Sucks. Or so I thought. Like I said, you DO get better, with the right

knowledge, strength, and resolve, it will be done. You DO have to accept PERSONAL responsibility for what YOU do.

BUT...there is also something else very big... at play.

I come from a different generation, I can be proud to say that the generations behind me are MUCH more fucked up

than I am... and thats pretty fucked up. We've all noticed it. They are cocky and arrogant and all straight out of

the movie idiocracy. Then I read an interesting article by John Taylor Gatto called the Underground History of the

United States Education System, and that laid out a plan by the elitest bankers and industry-men to restructure

education in their(it.) way by their(it.) funding. So now I new why I was a dumbass, now I had to find out why my

fuckin thoughts were always so screwed the fuck up, my belief systems were ascew, my morals were weak, and I wanted

to fuck everything that moved. And then I turned on the TV. Then a computer.

In and out of these conspiracies I weaved. They are all a jumbled mess you know, and thats all part of the plan.

Divide and Conquer. Chao Ordo as they say. I actually think some of them think they are doing good. So we can

actually boil alot of it down to some specific incidents culminating in that oh so wonderful generation of the

hippies. Dont get me wrong, I'm a hippie myself, although a few generations shy I Love The Grateful Dead. But this

has to do with all the things slipping through the cracks after John F. Kennedy was shot. The political things.

Believe it or not one of the greatest hoax's perpetrated on the American people among many was that the United

States had ushered in, behind the scenes, a real, live, Nazi. Yup, George Scherf jr, George Herbert "Poppy" Bush.

CIA AND American President. A Nazi as President of the United States... amazing huh. Oh yeah I found out theres a

bunch of em still around, and I find it funny that when anyone ever talks about a Nazi it's like they existed in

some fantasy land of schnizels and pint beer like some kind of enemy of Hogan. They were some fucked up

mutha'fucka's and people have seem to forget that.

Remember those pills I was telling you about? yeah, the ones it seems about almost everone you know is on? Well,

yeah... those were developed by Nazi's. Yep, I said it. It's no secret anymore if you study history that I.G.

Farben pharmaceuticals was SPARED in the Allied bombing of Berlin. So was Bayer. Both of them developed biological

and chemical weapons to use on the Jews and against Allied forces. Bayer synthesized cocaine, while I.G. Farben

covered the heroin. Oh, and the company that George Bush Sr. is a sole shareholder in ...Eli Lilly? Was one of the

pharmaceutical offshoot companies after I.G.Farben was forced by the Allied Forces to break up into bits... IS THE


conveyor belt on the nuerotransmitter and prevents it from its natural function, taking excess serotonin back to

the receptor, an deviation in the brains natural activity results in downregulation (brain damage). Let it be known

that the Bush family fortune was made off of the millions of Jews slaughtered in Germany during WWII with laundered

money from Prescott Bush and Herbert Walker Bush as General Managers of the UpperSilesianSteelCorp and Fritz

Armaments - the Nazi Steel giant that supplied the Big H with all of his weapons of war.

So yeah, here we are in this world were we see one thing in reality but many other things are going on in other

places that we cant readily see. That is why we have to look into ourselves, accept responsibility for yourself and

come to terms with yourself and get strong... cuz things are going to get tough, and soon. We know by now the

picture is huge, we've seen banks that get caught laundering BIG drug money and they are let off with a slap, we've

seen how cocaine and heroine have been brought into the big cities to corrupt and destroy, we know it is by design.

We see countless families ripped apart by the struggles of daily life, drug use, mental illness, physical illness,

a number of other things. Our brothers, mothers, sisters hooked on street dugs or prescription "meds", cases in and

out of court trying to sue these pharmaceutical companies because their Oxylate Salt products are harming and

killing the brains of our children (and video games lol) and now, finally - All these Children Killing Children.

It's getting to the point of no return.

The issue ladies and gentleman is NOT gun control, it is PEOPLE control. After this incident I realised, what is

the thing that could be most gained from the MASSACRE of INNOCENT CHILDREN, ....the debate is all over the news,

gun control gun control.... no. It's about taking EVERYBODY'S right to decide what is right for their children.

What they are showing us is that we can no longer raise our children right. We have these troubled, ANGERED youths

that can no longer deal with their parents incessant yelling to "go get a job" - when there are none. There

frenzied work schedule were there is nary a hello or goodbye, Hallmark lullabyes the kids can listen to in

surrogate. I read a book called "Boy's Will Be Boy's" that studied the differences in the development of children

NOW compared to fifty years ago... with chemical toxins interference like the plastic polyethylteraphalate or (PET)

which is ALL soda and water bottles, our children are developing at extremely varied rates, causing social and

physical issues. Girls develop earlier, boy's later, causing a huge rift in interpersonal relationships, causing a

whole dynamic of other issues. ADD or ADHD diagnosis in schools is forcing drugs down our childrens throats at an

alarming rate. Believe it or not you adolescent fucks...those video game ARE rotting your fucking brains

assholes...Anything that comes in through your senses you must regulate in moderation... if your killing thousands

of people a week in your video game Im sure that has some kind of effect of your brain and central nervous system,

man up pussies, get off your ass and put down the gadgets and go learn how to build a fire... ive seen so many

IDIOTS in the past 20 years that have NO IDEA how to make a campfire, they stack wood on it like little girls and

dont even know there are other ways to light a fire other than a Bic. The only stick they know of is their penis

when their on the internet. I know, Ive done it too but it's time to wake up now.

So I thought and I thought and I thought...what possible motive, what possible REASON? I couldnt come up with one,

I was in so much SHOCK. Then I thought, no, not gun control...still...nothing. Then I thought of the ubiquity of

the shootings, middle class disturbed individuals with some pretty fucked up firepower. Hmmmmm. Damn if I knew. So

I thought about what I knew of conspiracies, WWII, The Big H (Hitler but the H is affectionatly Hemmorhoid or

Hammerhoid), WHAT DID HE DO WITH THE MENTALLY ILL? What was his role in "Eugenics"? I knew what he did to not only

Jews and Jew Sympathizers, but also Gypsies, homosexuals, AND the Mentally Ill. He did em all ladies and gentleman.

He wanted em pure. In fact, after some research, I found out that his stance and attack on the mentally ill was ONE

OF HIS FIRST GOALS AS THE FURHER! These two paragraphs from

[link to www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org] gave away the whole plan:

"The idea of killing the incurably ill was posed well before 1939. In the 1920s, debate on this issue centered on a

book coauthored by Alfred Hoche, a noted psychiatrist, and Karl Binding, a prominent scholar of criminal law. They

argued that economic savings justified the killing of "useless lives" ("idiots" and "congenitally crippled").

Economic deprivation during World War I provided the context for this idea. During the war, patients in asylums had

ranked low on the list for rationing of food and medical supplies, and as a result, many died from starvation or

disease. More generally, the war undermined the value attached to individual life and, combined with Germany's

humiliating defeat, led many nationalists to consider ways to regenerate the nation as a whole at the expense of

individual rights."

"In 1935 Hitler stated privately that "in the event of war, [he] would take up the question of euthanasia and

enforce it" because "such a problem would be more easily solved" during wartime. War would provide both a cover for

killing and a pretext--hospital beds and medical personnel would be freed up for the war effort. The upheaval of

war and the diminished value of human life during wartime would also, Hitler believed, mute expected opposition. To

make the connection to the war explicit, Hitler's decree was backdated to September 1, 1939, the day Germany

invaded Poland."- [link to www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org]

What a perfect... distraction. Masking it behind gun control but eventually the issue will turn into the

realization that there are a BUNCH of really fucked up kids in this world and By GOD we have to help them...we have


sound eerily familiar to Hitlers Nazi Youth? Isnt it easy to see that through THEIR manipulation over many decades

of the social norms, media, and education they have CREATED the monsters we see before us, THAT ARE IN ALL OF US?

That they are in dire need of help? people are right, this is the beginning of a tribulation of sorts, a CULLING,

if you will. It's really 1984 for sure...were the children are taught to rat on their parents.

Tying this in with the drugs, not only the kilo's upon kilo's of Bolivian and Columbian cocaine, the afghan heroin

(in brown powder street form AND Loritabs and Oxycontin) DESTROYING our neighborhoods, the poorest of the poor,

even the elderly, but also everyones mind and soul, empathy, and LOVE. (on a side note: How do I know drugs are a

genocidal weapon? Well... the founder of Skull and Bones, the secret society based at Yale University, the "Russell

Trust Company" happened to be the "Premiere" drug smuggler of OPIUM during the Chinese Opium Wars were as Britain,

America, and Portugal used the opium to undermine the chinese through Hong-Kong into submitting to involvment in

Chinese financial affairs- is also the handy dandy place we get our fancy little ideas about pirates considering

thats the Skull and Bones Logo - also industry leaders in clipper ships( so they could all get their drugs to the

chinese the fastest). So... if Georgey Bush grandpappy's pappy was a pirate, what would YOU do... they say even ol

JFK's Dad was a bootlegger... but them small potatoes compared to the big boy's... they going for WORLD DOMINATION

they is. but it's gonna take a long time.

People say that the Mayans predicted that this year is the end times. Fortunately or unfortunately nothing is going

to "end" end on the 21st... but we are going to go through some changes. From what I understand it will be rough,

you know, food shortages and stuff, people economically probabley eating alot of dirt, which will of course trickle

down to us. Who know's...maybe this IS what the Bible prophesied, it's a little early to tell at this point but in

ways things dont always have to be taken literally, or, maybe, these cocksuckers are making it happen, or simply

enough, theres been enough evidence of human greed throughout history that examples of fallen civilizations

abound... because some people just never get enough and dont know how to share. Maybe there is an oligarchy that

has had a eon long plan of world domination fed to them by prediluvian "overlords" - who the fuck knows - either

way- there moving now so that means we gotta move too.

I saw how insensitive and again unprepared FEMA was for the victims of hurricane Sandy, staging concerts for relief

when their are agencies specifically put in place to handle these emergencies. We did not see them as prepared as

they were for September 11, 2001. Where were they then? Evidently there are hundreds of FEMA "Camps" all around the

country that are manned but empty. FEMA says they are for natural disaster victims, but hurricane Sandy victims did

not see these luxury accomodations. And why are the barbed wire fences designed in such a way as not to let a

person OUT? I have just learned today by author and researcher, Steve Quayle, that huge incinerators have been

being installed in many locations around the U.S., usually located near railroad tracks. Does this not at all sound

like WWII? I mean I can see this being used for other less nefarious activities for example getting rid of rotting

bodies after a huge cataclysm, but that begs other questions. Ive read many authors and lecturers say the todays

America looks very similar to the Weimar Republic of Pre-War Germany. Contrary to popular belief, German Jews were

industrious in ever field they tackled, engineering, architecture, mechanics, mathematics and physics, until the

old Hammerhoid came along and fucked the whole thing up.

Ah...preposterous you say, hogwash (God who does say those things anymore...Montgomery Burns "I owe you a Coke").

Along with all of the ailments that our older folks are getting not only from their freewheeling drug fueled 60's

and seventies parties from the indocrination they recieved back then, the vaccinations, the education, producing

more fucked up kids, tell me why there is an exponential rise in health care related issues...from huge hospitals

for everything under the sun, especially cancer. The article above about nazi's describes how Hemmoroid could not

have done to the mentally Ill what he did if it wasnt for his "medical professionals". It seems they do have an aweful lot of information that even us, the patient, is not privvy too. And he did it all legally. Of

course, the article also describes how the German people were so entrenched in Hemmorhoids beliefs and lies that

they did not pay any heed and were in denial of the burning bodies fields away from their own, until it was too

late. Steve Quayle says that there is some type of list in color codes red, orange and yellow. Red are the subversives and we wont make it to any FEMA camp.to be eliminated immediately. How often are we confronted with physicians that seem like they have no care in the world what you say? There is also an underlying current of race hate in America that is also furthering the divide and making us poor folks fight among each other, not seeing the real culprits.
These people are using the same template that they used to destroy Germany.
Well...another piece of the puzzle to be worried about. What I wanted to illustrate here is that yes, there IS a

huge battle for your soul going on here, there is a spiritual battle going on that is somewhat akin to what Jesus

was trying to say in the Bible. You are going to have to choose sides, seeing those sides is the difficult part.

Know thyself. You have to own up to the mistakes that you have made in the past and reconcile with them so that you

know not to do them again. But also know that you are a different beast, that you do not know and understand the

part of you that is controlled by them with what they have created for us all around us. You are NOT alone. We all

feel this way. Someday it WILL get better. With all Love, Light, and Laughter.

Last Edited by Mystic420 on 12/16/2012 07:45 AM
Anonymous Coward
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United States
12/16/2012 07:50 AM
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Re: Possible End Game Scenario Newtown, Connecticut Shooting and the Mentally Ill
Good read Op.

Thank you for your thoughts. Looks like you've done quite a bit of research. There is a storm coming..
It will be unlike anything the world has ever seen.
Get ready everyone. We are nearly at the doorstep.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 20063594
United States
12/16/2012 08:59 AM
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Re: Possible End Game Scenario Newtown, Connecticut Shooting and the Mentally Ill
WOW great post, alot of thought went into this
Mystic420 (OP)

User ID: 29979098
United States
12/16/2012 06:25 PM
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Re: Possible End Game Scenario Newtown, Connecticut Shooting and the Mentally Ill
This may also be part of the equation...

[link to www.bbc.co.uk]

RFID chipping
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 18598833
United States
12/16/2012 06:31 PM
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Re: Possible End Game Scenario Newtown, Connecticut Shooting and the Mentally Ill
WOW great post, alot of thought went into this
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20063594


great job