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Message Subject How did the dead principal give the Newtown Bee newspaper this quote??
Poster Handle Big Tim
Post Content
People are assuming this short interview and quote was made over the phone. Unfortunately the article itself did not say if it was by phone or in person. Apparently Bee reporter/asso editor Shannon Hicks was one of the first on the scene and perhaps took the short interview in person of either Dawn Hochsprung or someone claiming to be the principal or even more specificially Principal Dawn Hochsprung ? By their retraction it seems that they are sticking to their guns that it was someone that identified themselves as either the principal or principal Dawn Hochsprung. I doubt that the reporter (Hicks?) would get the ID as "the principal" and add the name of Hochsprung on her own after finding out later the name of the principal. The paper seems to be an excellent paper with good people. The word "shows" I think is a typo and should be "shots".
1) Hochsprung is alive and there is a hoax going on
2)Someone for some reason ID'ed herself as either Hochsprung, or just as "the principal"
3) The reporter goofed (which I doubt)
Unless the paper does a more detailed report we'll never know
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