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Message Subject Are there PROFESSIONAL DEATH SQUADS in the US executing these public massacres to advance govt agendas?
Poster Handle blastercas
Post Content
Well before you go on discounting "death squads!"
think of this.........oh by the way this is first hand true

During the late 60's and 70's and possibly into the 80's British Special Forces personnel used to trawl the streets of Belfast in either the catholic or protestant districts 2 to 3 men in a stolen car and randomly shoot innocent parties with captured IRA or untraceable weapons, my source was in a vehicle that the occupants were responsible for mowing down a boyfriend/girlfriend......he told of another where he believes an Ingram .45 Calibre sub machine gun was used and a baby in a pram was killed, these random killings were blamed on both parties, the object to stir up tensions and bitterness between the two protestants and Catholics........the maddest thing is the IRA were unbeatable they were good, but who do think these IRA Terrorists are working for now......well the vast majority of them work from Vauxhall Cross London home of British Intelligence.

Thats how bad the British can be and we are by nature a very reserved people........the Americans with all due respect, think nothing of expending one million rounds of ammunition to kill one man (Vietnam), you think you have not got death squads in the USA .....That is nieve you have death squads, they mainly work from Boston (think about it America) Boston one of the biggest arms and money supplier to the Provisional IRA !!!

Oh you've got death squads alright
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