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Message Subject Are there PROFESSIONAL DEATH SQUADS in the US executing these public massacres to advance govt agendas?
Poster Handle PatrikC325
Post Content
CBS news aired a clip with Connecticut's state medical examiner, Dr. Carver (sic), who stated that the bodies of the six children he had examined so far were shot between three and eleven times each, with only two shot at close range. The Ct. Governor stated that the suspect shot his way through locked school doors, shot up one classroom, then took his own life when police arrived while he was shooting up a second classroom. A dispatcher broadcast stated that "multiple rifles and shotguns were involved". A teacher reported that she observed two of the shooters escaping into the woods. One suspect was apprehended in the woods. In another clip, state police Lt. Paul Vance said that they are investigating how, and "more importantly, WHY" the shooting occured. Sorry, Lt. Vance, I'm still most interested in HOW this event went down. I already know "why", and it was evident in CBS's editorial tone - to force Obama into advancing the U.S. one more step toward martial law, but let's just call it "gun control".

[link to www.legitgov.org]
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