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Message Subject Are there PROFESSIONAL DEATH SQUADS in the US executing these public massacres to advance govt agendas?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I don't believe Adam Lanza killed anyone. I think the secret government that really runs this country - the one that controls the CIA, NSA and other secret police - has a team or teams of professional, organized killers - death squads, if you will, that go to different places and handle situations or create scenarios, such as the Sikh shooting, Aurora, probably Arizona, and now the Sandy Hook school. I think this team or teams of paid assassins probably work in a group of 3 and that they are paid to, and possibly dedicated to, promoting a certain agenda in the US - the culmination of which is a Police State. To do this, they have to get rid of the guns, of course.

I think this team (or some handler for them) ID's likely patsy's to leave behind at the scene of a kiling to absorb the blame. They have things they look for such as picking young, white middle or upper middle class males, with few apparent friends or immediate social connections - if they appear odd or disturbed, even better.

I think this team infiltrated Adam Lanza's house, killed his mother, probably killed him there, put him in the outfit, and then went to the school, started the massacre, and then dumped his body in the classroom. They did a fairly sloppy job this time, but that doesn't matter as they are looking for the biggest emotional impact. This is why virtually all the victims at Sandyhook are dead, rather than injured as many were shot more than once, and shot with a rifle, apparently....which was left in the car. This was to leave no witnesses of the actual killing who might be able to confirm more than one gunman at any point.

To those of you who say this is impossible....hit teams like this have existed all over the world in many countries and many times, under corrupt and evil governments. It's not unusual. You just don't want to....BELIEVE....it could happen here. That's what stops you from even considering the idea.

After all, what is more likely - that a team of dedicated professional killers exists that works to fulfill an agenda of the secret government.....or that some developmentally disabled geek in Mom's basement, was able to get and effectively use a cache of varied weapons and gear liike body armor and kill so many people with no prior training or experience?

Again think....how do we know that a serial killer exists? It's because a pattern of behavior emerges in the deaths of people. Well, don't we have a pattern here in all these mass killings. Aren't there a lot of similarities and the same unanswered questions?

There is NO PROOF that Adam Lanza killed ANYONE. I think he's just another Lee Harvey Oswald. There have been too many of these.
 Quoting: The Quiet One 1524722

I'm not an old timer but I've been around long enough to have gained a pretty good understanding of world power structures and what the Op says in his brilliant thread, is genuinely the most likely scenario by a wide margin.

Allow me to quote one of our modern sages, Britney Spears after shaving her head -"You think you know, but you have no idea."

Most folks have a picture in mind of how our government works and it typically stops at our President as being the top of the food chain. The man who holds the Office of the Presidency, although being a shot caller of his own right, is nothing more than low paid middle management in the scope of the world.

Banks obviously run this planet. Some people's wealth can only be measured in theory. Rothschilds as an example own so many banks it'd take most people 20 minutes just to read the list.

Is there a power structure even above them? Hidden from sight? I'm sure there is. All indications say yes.

The only way to stop these shootings is for people to focus their attention on them. In order to do that properly they need to wake up to how things REALLY work.

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