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Message Subject Are there PROFESSIONAL DEATH SQUADS in the US executing these public massacres to advance govt agendas?
Poster Handle TurtleKId
Post Content
Wow too many theories... just a reflex of all the other "conspiracy" matters... too many conflicting or diverging info. In part psy-opped, in part ourselves throwing ideas... But the effect in the mind its quite devastating at the end.

I think its a possibility your theory. I also think the connections with the Libor case etc are a possibility as well (MKultra). Maybe those theories do merge in reality... Sadly, I doubt we will never know for real.

Look, we just know it probably wasnt as the TV says. We know 9/11 was an inside job, so we are aware of their taste for terrorism to trigger changes or mass behaviours (like dropping guns).

Actually this subject its fascinating. Im gonna gather my own info and hopefully come back with something coherent... or probably not lol
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