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The Bourne Legacy & Sandy Hook Shootings

Some Tard
User ID: 15177094
12/16/2012 01:29 PM
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The Bourne Legacy & Sandy Hook Shootings
So, has anyone watched the Bourne Legacy recently? It came out on DVD Dec. 11th.

This movie is a perceptual lens that makes the Tucson, Aurora, Clackamas and Sandy Hook shootings appear related. There are some scenes in this movie that really pull it all together. Some plot line bits include:

-Jason Bourne, the Nobody, appears in New York City. Heads are about to roll over what this will reveal about black ops super soldier programs Treadstine and Outcome. Before the big Washington types have to testify, the existing programs are scuttled by euthanizing the soldiers by switching their meds. Sandy Hook - Hillary testifying at Benghazi hearings.

- A nerdy lab guy goes on a shooting spree at the lab in a massive murder suicide, but of course our heroine escapes to her home in the woods. The CIA sends a hit team with a psychologist, who frames the heroine as suicidal and manic. The CIA hit team sweeps her house and finds her revolver and they try to forcibly "suicide" her with it.

Most of the shootings in 2012 seem to have one combination or another of these elements:

- psychological issues
- Meds
- A psychologist
- possible second shooter or handler
- social outcast loner protagonist
- Video games
- some military or corporate linkage
- white, affluent
- an otherwise peaceful assembly of people in a public gathering

Just watch the Bourne Legacy and use it as a map or lens to view these shootings. There is something to this.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 37137560
United States
03/30/2013 06:19 AM
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Re: The Bourne Legacy & Sandy Hook Shootings