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Message Subject Another pair of actors in Sandy hoax exposed. 100% BUSTED!
Poster Handle Hahahaha
Post Content
Also, I used to think Dallas was not right on most of his stuff! Then I started looking into his work. I use Photoshop as well. I started reading about Ear biometrics and that really opened my eyes. Before you question him, maybe look into what he is doing rather than just throw him under the bus because you can not be bothered to research.

Ear biometrics is not the only thing that he does. He looks for voice matches, lens distortions, writing analysis, even body movements as well as face recognition. He also releases his research and asks others if they too can see it! On the occasion that he is wrong, he admits it. I've been following his work for over a year.

The one thing that most do not know about him is that he has a treasure trove of video and pictures that he doesn't release to the public. It's his backup info. So for every pic you see, he probably has 1-200 backup pics analyzed on any person that he outs.

Why do you think he has not been sued yet? It's because he could destroy these people in a court of law if they did. I'm sure that he would love to do that too. I've seen him online tell people to do it. They never fallow through because they know they have been caught dead to rights.

So whenever he releases this info, you better not be caught sleeping. Dallas is one of the reasons that they want to shut down the internet and free speech. You can add many many others to that list. Dutchsense is another one.(wether manipulation) Danny Wilten is another one!(past history)

You don't have to believe everything that any of these guys say. But closing your mind to them just because you don't believe one thing is tarded. Everyone has something to offer if you listen.
 Quoting: ZEROeffect

You can save the pro-Dallas rhetoric.

I have a medical background and have researched several Doppleganger cases and know about pinna (ear) biometrics. I also study craniofacial morphology and compare hand sizes (finger length, etc.), foot sizes, stride, dentition, voice, etc.

He makes glaring mistakes, not only in his "recognition" but also in his FACTS. Unlike you, I have never seen him issue a correction/retraction on anything. I did gently correct him on something in the comments section of his website, which he censored so it never was published.

The symbolism on his website suggests that he is a Freemason. I have outed him before on this site and others.

I will never, ever completely trust him. Like all disinfo agents, there are a few nuggets of truth in his bullshit (my trademark phrase that others here have copied and pasted).

He sucks. Once in a great while, he gets it right.
 Quoting: Hahahahaa 28872856

What has he gotten wrong?

and I never said he was 100% right all the time. I only want people to have an open mind before dismissing him completely.

He has issued the corrections on his Facebook page. Really good reads from there. Way better than his You Tube channel will ever be!
 Quoting: ZEROeffect

SEVERAL "mistaken identities" involving the Quartzsite, AZ case and others. He also wrote (again, on his website -- I have the good sense to stay away from FaceSpook) that Quartsite is in Pima County! (FALSE! I should know.) I wrote him about that, but he ignored me.

He is spot on on the Gabriel Giffords case and the Greenberg couple in this case, but that is IT (from what I have seen). Everything else has been incorrect and/or bullshit.

Based on his website (again, not Facespook or his YouTube account -- his freaking website!) logo, he IS a Freemason.
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