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Message Subject Another pair of actors in Sandy hoax exposed. 100% BUSTED!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Where did this picture come from? Laura Phelps' teeth don't look like that in all her blog pictures, nor in her stage act. They look perfect, like Jennifer Sexton's teeth. there is a photo of her smiling on the "Expressing Motherhood" play site. Her teeth are not like this.

But I do agree, that picture on the play website looks like a different person. It seems like they used a lookalike for the Laura that lived in CA before coming to CT, but then Jennifer Greenberg Sexton was in Newtown. Or maybe she only showed up for the CNN interview, and this other woman was playing her and actually living in Newtown. That would explain how she lived there with 4 kids that were not her own! She only showed up for the Sandy Hook interview! Maybe?

Laura Phelps with Jennifer Greenberg Sexton

[link to shrani.si]
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