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Those of us that KNOW, need to FOCUS on the 100th Monkey!


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United States
12/18/2012 10:35 PM
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Re: Those of us that KNOW, need to FOCUS on the 100th Monkey!
Why does no one ever listen to me?!! I have posted a dozen times about how the 100th monkey is all a hoax. It NEVER HAPPENED. of at least what you think happened did not. What they failed to tell you when they recount the story, is that one monkey was known to swim between the colonies. And he shared his food washing skills with them. There was NO mental link at all. Why people keep spouting this silly fable is beyond me.
 Quoting: green_girl

Do you believe we are all connected? Have you noticed you influence others? If not, maybe you will try an experiment.

Go into a store, mad at the world. Don't talk to anybody, just walk around and observe how people react to you. Then, change you mind and think of all the love and joy you have experienced in your life. Walk around and see the difference in how others react to you.

As far as critical mass, tipping point or 100th monkey, have you noticed in your own life that when you are overcoming resistance, you get to a point where it's all downhill?

This is what I call a tipping point and I believe we can influence the collective whole, because we are all connected.
 Quoting: Unit3

That is a really good analogy Unit3. thumbs

When my awakening had culminated I was just radiating positive energy for a period of time and I remember walking into one of my favorite restaurants to pick-up my take-out order and the Manager approaching me and informing me that my $20 meal was going to be free this particular night as he smiled and told me "Hey dreams do come true".... The words could not have been any more appropriate for the circumstances I was living through at the time.

We have all experienced how a person who gives off negative energy can literally just suck the life out of a room of otherwise positive/content people. I believe if you were to conduct an experiment and blindfold a subject and put him/her in two different environments - one room full of happy, upbeat, vibrant individuals, and another room full of angry, hateful, depressed, and negative individuals. The blindfolded subject would not be able to see the other individuals in the room or judge/evaluate their moods or demeanors through visual cues, but I am positively certain that the blindfolded test subject would be able to discern the different energetic environment of both rooms. We are transmitting/receiving energy constantly and even subconsciously. Our bodies are designed to pick up on these things even if we are not always consciously aware of it.
The Golden Rule
[link to youtube.com (secure)]
Anonymous Coward
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United States
12/19/2012 06:21 AM
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Re: Those of us that KNOW, need to FOCUS on the 100th Monkey!
I've been reading up on this ascension stuff... I sure hope it's not what it's cracked up to be.

I'm not finding it so easy to rejoice in most of my family, friends, neighbors and random commoners on the street, being left behind.

Sure, I might rejoice if that's the only choice.

What if it wasn't the only choice? And you could have helped and you did nothing? Do you think that will be weighed against your merits?????
Buttttt, you had an organic, vegan, gluten-free muffin for breakfast, you'll be fine!!!

I've really started to notice the complacency around here, can you tell?

Still haven't gotten to the bottom of this one:

[link to www.ourtransition.info]

pesky Russians. :-) Why don't I ever see Russian posters anymore?
Anonymous Coward
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United States
06/01/2013 11:33 PM
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Re: Those of us that KNOW, need to FOCUS on the 100th Monkey!